Biofilter at height

With a crane, 3-ton cranes were placed in the filter. These limit manual labor increase the speed of work.

A weighted conveyor belt has also been placed on the roof of the biofilter. This is facilitate and accelarate the removal of the old medium. First, one half of the filter is emptied and filled, so that the other half can be ‘turned on’. The slatted floor has been ‘broom-cleaned’, the short-circuit foil has been repaired where it was broken. Subsequently hardwood Azobé floor grates that are broken have been replaced or repaired. In addition, the pressure chambers of the filter have been cleaned manually.

To build in at this height, a crane was used that continously lifts a 4 m container in and out of the filter. Due to its large surface, the entire filter is finished with a laser at the exactly agreed height. The biofilter material is expertly built in by Odour Balance. Roughly shredded root wood (± 1.900 m) was used as the filter medium, the medium was covered with log chips (± 450 m). The old filter material (± 1.500 m) was removed by Odour Balance. The entire project was completed in 8 working days, the factory has been running continuously.