Odour treatment installations

Odour Balance removes your odor complaints! And that on every level within the odor treatment. As Odour Balance, we are now primarily known as a supplier and installer of (bio)filtermaterial. Odour Balance, however, is more than that! In addition to the supplier and the application of biofilter material, we can also take care of the overall picture from A to Z. From engineering, manufacturing complete odor treatment installations, including piping, to optimizing from the (odor) source to the emission of the cleaned air.

Within this total concept we are the point of contact for the complete remediation, renovation or installation of your odor treatment installation. Expansion, waste material disposal, irrigation, biofilter housings, gas washer, air washers, chimneys, canopies, biofilter material. We can also provide all these components separately for you. Sometimes a biofilter is not enough, even in that case you can contact us. For example, we also supply lava-filters and physic-chemical installations.

Odour treament



Process description: With biofiltration, the gas stream to be purified is led upwards through a filter bed that is made up of biological material, such as tree bark, ripped rootwood or coconut fiber. The filter material is a carrier of a thin water film in which microorganisms live. The impurities in the gas stream are bound to the filter material by adsorption and absorption and subsequently degraded by the microorganisms present. The filter material serves as a supplier of the necessary nutrients. The degradation products of the conversion are carbon dioxide, sulfate, nitrate and the like.