Measurements & Consultancy

In every situation, a different type of biofilter and sometimes even a different solution is needed. Every situation is unique due to different air flows, odor emissions and aromas. A good picture of the situation can be sketched with on-site measurements and inventory. For a special air handling system designed for optimal performance, you can call on our expertise. However, you can also contact Odour Balance® if measurements of analyzes need to be carried out or if you only want to get advice, even if you are not currently working with an Odour Balance® system.

Each application has its own issues. For the answers and a biofilter system that matches your needs and circumstances, we look at practical experiences. Contact us (of course without any obligation) and discover the possibilities of biofiltration.

Odor measurements: measuring is knowing

Measuring odors is an important part of the research to find out which system is the best choice for an unpleasant odor problem. Odour Balance® carries out its own measurements for an initial indication. For an official measurement, an authorized partner of Odour Balance® performs the measurements based on the European EN 13725 standard. The air sample is analyzed and tested within 6-8 hours. The operating laboratory is certified for emission protection in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Odour Balance® is the exclusive Uppenkamp representative in the Netherlands and has included this method in its total concept.