Replacement floor and installation filter medium

The filter was used with a truck crane from Odour Balance on one 3-ton crane.

This limits manual labor and increases the speed of work. The old pressure chamber floor of the biofilter has been completely removed and rebuilt by Odour Balance. For this, long Azobé slats were cut to size and secured tot he existing underlayments with stainless steel fastening material. The total floor area is approximately 450 m².

A net against material fall through and new short-circuit foil were then applied. The biofilter material has been expertly built in by Odour Balance. Roughly shredded root wood (± 800 m) was used as the filter medium, the biofilter medium was covered with log chips (± 200 m). The old filter material (± 500 m) and the old broken floor were removed by Odour Balance. The entire project was completed in 4 working days and the factory was shut down for 2 days.