Installation French bark

Project, inbouwen van Franse schors in een bestaand biofilter. Met een hoogwerker zijn de zeilen verwijderd/ opgerold en met banden gezekerd.

The steel arch construction has partly been removed by Odour Balance, so that the permanent parts can remain constructively sound. This is to facilitate working with the special built-in tap and accessibility to the filter. To support the large crane, a one ton mini crane is placed on the old filter medium. This limits manual labor and increases the speed of work. First, one half of each filter is emptied and filled, so that the other half can be ‘turned on’. The special tap has a ‘high seat’ so that even with higher walls of the biofilter it is possible to ‘look into the work’.

The combined peg tray with inserts has a volume of more than 2 m2. The slatted floor was then ‘broom-cleaned’, the short-circuit foil was repaired where it was broken. The floor was then repaired where necessary. The pressure chambers of the filter have also been cleaned. The biofilter material is expertly built in by Odour Balance. Pine Maritime 50+ (± 200 m3) was used as the filter medium, then Pine Maritime 20-45 (± 750 m3) fraction was used. The old filter material has been disposed of by Odour Balance. The entire project was completed in 6 working days, the factory has been running continuously.